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Sunday, February 1, 2009

USD$901,000.00 only From Google Ads!!!

Wow.. believe or not this is real guys we can get rich if we can do as he does...!!
USD$901,000.00 in one month only the highest amount by Markus F. He runs a dating site and I understand that this is the main income for this check, the 901 000 $ check represents income for more than one month, around 3 months.

plentyoffish 901k adsense check

Source from

Kepada sesiapa yang terer buat website tu ni lah satu-satunya peluang nak hidup senang.
Aku pun sekarang tengah study camana nak build-up website yg friendly untuk semua peringkat. Hmm.. ada sesiapa berkenan join aku? meh la maybe kita bleh figure out best way to get a publish product and totally free!

So, aku pun berusaha untuk mendapat pencapaian sampai tahap gaban nie.. hehehehe


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