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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Overdose of political drama ... let the citizens be citizens again

Can we all get back into being citizens again? These days with the overdose of political drama, what has happened to the micro-issues that affect me as a citizen? Let's ignore these development and it might go away when hardly anyone pays attention to them.

In any case both sides said they are for the people, so let us all pile up the issues for them to resolve.

I have my fair share here ....The road leading to my housing area is still without street lights at night, road works on the highway is on-going during rush hour causing massive traffic jams, illegal road humps (without proper signage and suitable type) are constructed all over the roads jeopardising road safety for drivers, water supply is still off-colour from the taps, rubbish is still uncollected at times, motorcyclists are still using the same highways that has prohibit signs and no enforcement is used on them, the council is still sending assessment bill for property that I have sold many years ago, strata title is still not out for my 10-year old apartment, individual water meter is stll not installed in my apartment unit causing me to pay high commercial charge rate and many many more ....

Guess you would have a fair share too....?


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