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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Fibre-Optic Camera Flash Ring..

If you hit a digital SLR camera and added constituent $5 then you could physique your consciousness a modify hunting DIY Fiber Optic camera winkle ring. This DIY figure allows you to attain the modify of the lense winkle every the artefact around to reddened up a subject.

Fibre-Optic Camera Flash Ring by you.

The Camera Flash Ring uses material optics to advise the reddened from the lawful winkle to the modify of the lens. The reddened is distribute crossways 100’s of tiny points.

Fibre-Optic Camera Flash Ring by you.

This is a fibre-optic winkle spreading for your DSLR’s popup flash. Totally easy! Works great! Durable! Designed specifically for K20D with 100 2.8 DFA lense but convertible to another lenses (see Tamron Adaptall 90 2.5 warning at the end.) Build your own!

Fibre-Optic Camera Flash Ring by you.


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