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Sunday, February 8, 2009

DO You Enjoy Your Camping Trip??

The success and enjoyment of a camping trip depends on the availability [among other things] of essential cooking utencils, safety gadgets, medicine, clean drinking water. Do not take unecessary items that are heavy or bulky especially if the camp site a far from the car park or you have to wade in a river or stream to get there. The following are some items which are necessary and useful.

Camping Tools by you.

Camping Tools

Man's best friend for camping is not Fido the dog - but the versatile gas canister powered portable stove. This small and unassuming gadget is the lifeline for your food. When we were scouts then we had to start a fire using just two sticks of matches. Failing which we have to eat Maggi mee soaked in cold water until it bloats up nice and soft. Yuggs!! Sudah lapar, makan saja lah. Funny thing though, even after eating uncooked food and drinking unboiled stream water, we seldom have stomach ache. But to be safe, bring along "po chai yuen" and stomach-upset medicine, panadol, plater and a tube of Burnol.

The machete, golok, axe, flip-open knife and the versatile Swiss Army knife are all neccesary items. Chopping of wood, splitting of bamboo, hammering of pegs, digging of trenches, etc., will not jadi without these gadgets. At night, the camper's best friend [not a China kuaci lady singing karaoke with you] are the torch lights and other illuminating gadgets. The rechargeable multi-lights are the best, followed by the normal torch light. A strong-beam cum long-distance torch light is certainly a plus item to have. And in case [forgot to recharge or buy new batteries], the ever cheap and useful was candle is the best.

Camping Tools by you.

Camping Tools

The candle is very useful and have multiple use. Lighting, use as a fire starter, rubbing onto canvass to make it waterproof and dripping it onto an open cut wound after applying antiseptic cream if you have no plaster. I always keep one pack in my car, not only for camping.

Camping Tools by you.

Camping Tools

If there is no mosquito, it is not camping. Fine! But with denge everywhere, it is better to take precautions. Have insect-repellent spray, wax candles, Ridsect and other irritant control items to make your camping more tolerable. To discourage the ular from getting too close to the sleeping quarters, spread sulphur powder along the perimeter and enclosing the area to be protected. Unfortunately, when it rains it is not effective. Sleeping on X-legs beds will reduce chance of creepies joining you between the sheets or sleeping bag.

Happy Camping !


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