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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Great Contest!

Hey Guys! Ive just get a called from my colleague, He told me to join this free contest that could bring yourself to Amsterdam for FREEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What a great offer by Air France Airline KLM.. Join now!

Please dont be too late.. The Seat is unlimited!


  1. im working in airline field, my colleague is manager flight operation based in Klia, he told me this is true and organized by Air France KLM -Malaysia.

  2. wah not bad ek..bolehla nak try camni

  3. try la.. sign up shj.. kalo dah dapat penuhkan passenger seraiam seratus org tu dpt la..skrg flight kita bru 12 org.. lagi perlukan 88 org.. :)

  4. nice blog...come visit my blog sis/bro


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