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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Flying high with RC helicopters

IF you’ve dream of flying a helicopter but do not have a license to do so, why not do the next best thing: fly helicopters through radio control. This was exactly what Ahmad Zuhairi Ismail did.

Since he bought a Nitro Fuel Century Raven radio-controlled (RC) helicopter last October, the 39-year-old senior manager has been enjoying helicopter flying adventures, and blogging about it, too.

Ahmad Zuhairi and a friend doing pre-flight checks before the lift-off.

Better known online as TrueMax, Ahmad Zuhairi shares his experience and knowledge in Remote Control Helicopter – My Journey (, focusing on the Century Raven 50, HoneyBee King 2 and HoneyBee FP models.

“As a hobby, these helicopters are quite costly, both to start with and maintain. Information in my blog is based on my experiences with RC helicopters,” he said.

In his blog, Ahmad Zuhairi discusses various activities involving his helicopters – his discoveries as he becomes more skilful in handling the various models, and trends and information he has heard of or read within the hobbyist circles.

A particularly interesting section on his blog is Crash, where he posts details of his attempts to try new flying tricks and what came out of them.

“I also have links for beginners to refer to such as learning to fly RC helicopters, what should be included in the flying check list and frequently asked questions. Apart from those, there are links to helicopter games for quick fun and links to news featuring real and RC helicopters,” Ahmad Zuhairi said.

Since its launch, his blog is steadily attracting viewers. His visitor counter showed that half of his viewers came from Malaysia, followed by the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada. And over

80 per cent of his readers are first-timers.

In November, the hit counter on his blog registered 550 visits. The figure rose to 800 a month later.

“I feel that by reading my experience and what I have learnt, others who have the same interest will save their time and money to focus on important things as well as avoid the mistakes that I have made,” Ahmad Zuhairi said.

He plans to provide parts reviews and even helicopter reviews in the future so similar hobbyists are aware of what products are available in the market, their strengths and drawbacks


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