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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ice Cream Trips - The Spring Mall

Hi all.. how do u do? Thanks for keep ur eyes on my blog latest info! and have a nice days..

Here are some picture which is taken by me and my brothers while enjoying Sugarbun Choc-Vanilla ice cream last night at a cost of RM1.50 each in a damn cold air condition plus heavy rain outside lor.. grgrggrgrrrr.... i think temperature is between 15-17celcius(I mean inside the mall la..) :) .. heheheheh..

im going the spring only to buy battery button at the watch shop - city chain. but 1 of my brother asked to hv some ice cream.. so, i -on- je la.. (actually My planned just want to buy the thing at the nearest mall- due heavy rain and no nearest car park to the mall, ive changed the p;lanned to go to the spring.. :) )

Meandbrother by you.
my brother & me..

Pineapple by you.
I thought this is fake one .. but when i look closely this the real one.. The first time of my life found the pineapple connected with its root..haha b4 just seen it on TV lor.. :P

Thespringmall by you.
I love this view.. :)

Fromcarkpark by you.
going up from Car park.. :)

fakesakura by you.
Nice decoration..

thespring by you.
Great decoration.. lolol..

Thespringmall by you.
Front view .. The Spring Mall ..

This all i g ot for now.. huhu actually alot pic ive taken but not much time to do it.. hehehe take care

P/s please keep viewing.. u will get update story everyday!.. hehehe


  1. watever happen i still love u 4 ever n ever... :) -bibiehazwaniey-


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