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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Smile, you're caught

Three burglars, one a woman, attempt a break-in but they didn't count on a concerned neighbour and his handy camera...

LOOKOUT AND THE RUN OUT: These images show the woman burglar on the lookout (pic 1). Her accomplice signals to make a run for it (pic 2) before escaping through the rubbish chute (pic 3) and to their getaway car (pic 4)

Hey lady, smile — we got you! Aren’t you the same woman who has been breaking into homes with your two male accomplices?

You three foreigners are now burglars caught in the act, thanks to an alert neighbour who has a video recording and photographs of your botched burglary in Puchong at 11.30am on Tuesday.

The video footage and photographs of your attempt to burgle the home of businessman Ricky Boey in Bandar Kinrara have been handed to the police.

The neighbour, a car mechanic who wished to be identified only as Hon, 40, got a clear shot of you in the car while you were making your getaway, empty-handed.

Shots of your accomplice escaping through the rubbish chute after Hon confronted him are also there for all to see.

The only thing we don’t know is whether you are all from the Middle East or Latin America, but you resemble the latter.

It all started when Hon and his wife were tutoring their daughter and the neighbour’s two dogs began barking.

From his window, Hon saw you, dressed in white, calling out for his neighbour.

You then hurled bits of food for the dogs that went silent immediately.

TRASH Chute ENTRY: Boey showing how the robbers had accessed his home compound on Tuesday

He was shocked when you, quite the agile one, climbed over the gate and unlocked the rubbish chute to let your accomplice in. Your other accomplice stayed in the car.

That’s when Hon began recording your crime.

Your accomplice who crawled in had a spanner and screwdriver in his back pocket.

You, in the meantime, went outside to keep a lookout.

You were looking the wrong way: You didn’t expect Hon, did you? At the porch, Hon confronted your accomplice who had managed to break the main door hinge.

He fled through the chute and to your now moving getaway car. Hon gave chase, grabbed a stick and hit your fleeing accomplice.

But he managed to get in — and you thought you made a clean getaway.

Too late idiots, you were all in a Toyota Wish MPV bearing the number WSB 3943, obviously rented or stolen.


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