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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Between heroes and bright sparks

The Kugan incident is a sensitive issue. It is not right for the police to use any form of brutality on its detainees. This is irrespective of race or religion. It was good that the police had managed to recover 13 cars from its interogation of Kugan. This would have crippled the syndicate involved. It would have saved millions from the insurance industry and this success would assure those in the insurance industry to have their jobs especially in the current situation. This is one part of the case.

The other side is the allegation that Kugan was heavily assaulted that caused his death. This could only be verified by a post mortem. Since the first one was said to be doubtful, the second one is being conducted while this post is typed.

The raid at the Serdang hospital was totally uncalled for. Instead of advising the relatives and friends of the deceased, 2 Deputy Ministers who were present had added strength to the raiders. This had never happened anywhere in this country and it is against the law. The 2 Deputy Ministers should have advised the group against doing it and they, especially T. Murugiah who is the Public Complaints Bureau so-called head who should have taken the complaint and requested the relevant authorities [AG/IGP] to allow a second post-mortem. A complaint should be intelligently handled if he knows his job well. But it seems emotions based on color blinded him.

The body was not going to be cremated the next hour by the police. The body was going to be given back to the families, hence there was no reason for the raid. The second post-mortem could have been done soon after. There was no rush whatsoever. T. Murugiah knew that but instead wanted to play with his emotions.

T. Murugiah seemed to seek cheap publicity whenever he can and outshadowing his own Minister and also the PPP President. We can still remember the bouquet of flowers he gave to Teresa Kok after she alleged to have been given dog food while in detention, only to be proven as a lie later and later she admitted the fact.

There are many complaints affecting the Indian community, some of which had been highlighted by Hindraf. As a Deputy Minister who is so proud as being in-charge of public complaints, he should assist the Indian community in their woes - their economic issues, their jobs and other community issues. These are issues that if handled intelligently by T.Murugiah would help solve a lot of the Indian community issues like getting business licences, further studies, decent homes, decent livelihood and many, many more. But no! He only wants to be involved in issues that he could politicised for his selfish needs only to 'show' the world that he is a hero. To him there is no purpose highlighting issues that could not enhance his image and status. This is all political selfishness!

Now he wants to sue the Selangor CPO for the press release made about the case. He should also sue the IGP and the hospital attendant who lodged the police report for the intrusion. To me, he should sue himself!

What would T. Murugiah do when robbers enters his house and other than robbing him and his family, they cause serious injuries to his family? Call Teresa Kok? Call Kugan's family?

Crime is increasing day by day. Rather than bashing the police, T. Murugiah should be fair to both parties - Kugan's family and the police. Even though Kugan is innocent until proven guilty, the fact remained that he was the one arrested, not you or me and it was not you or me who led the police to recover the 13 stolen cars. Of course killing a detainee is not right but at least the police had rid of a suspect involved in such cases and gave us car owners a sense of security when driving our cars.

When crime goes up, everybody points the fingers at the police. But they are quick to defend the criminals when something goes wrong when handled by the police. The criminals are laughing, the police are crying.

So don't blame the police if the crime goes up and the solving rate goes down the drain and the criminals are more brave and daring. Blame it on yourselves and all the so-called cheap seeking heroes and bright sparks. The police need only to do the needful [strictly to the last word of the law and regulations] to solve a crime and need not go all out day and night to solve it. Then we can see the fun how T. Murugiah is going to assist the public in solving crime.

No policeman would risk their career and families just to help reduce crimes if the public including politicians, SUHAKAM, etc seem to always side the criminals. No policeman wants to go to jail. Criminals love to go to jail because that is part of their job description and occupational hazard. Even though the police are paid to do the job, how can you measure their productivity? Crime goes up police not doing their job? It is easier said than done.

Continue bashing the police day and night and later, we will regret our actions when criminals roam freely and Malaysia becomes a high crime country. No tourist, no business, nothing. What is in store for our children and great grand children? We should make friends with the police [even how bad some may be] instead of siding criminals who are not only lazy to find a decent job but very dangerous. There are ways to be fair to all - police and criminals - but there must not be any perception among the criminals to think they are always protected by the law and the politicians. More protection should be given to the police, not to the criminals. Give it a thought and tell me I am wrong.

So Dato' Khalid Abu Bakar, Tan Sri Musa and all good policemen - continue to do your good work! Get rid of corrupted and arrogant cops and don't give an inch to government politicians who behave like heroes based on color and creed.


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