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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Fasha Sandha vs Nora Danish: It's A Catfight!

[left] Fasha Sandha and Nora Danish make a good soap opera

Why oh why do Malay female celebrities like to go for rich married men?

Let’s take Fasha Sandha as an example. The gossip about her and socialite Rizal Ashram Tan Sri Ramli, who’s recently divorced from actress Nora Danish, is just getting hotter. (FYI, Fasha and Rizal have neither confirmed nor denied their alleged romance) It certainly doesn’t help that she and Nora are having war of words now.

Nora has openly accused Fasha of ruining her two-year marriage to Rizal.

“Fasha will never get to marry Rizal,” Nora unleashes her anger. “My former in-laws will never accept a husband snatcher into their family.”

But Fasha retorts back by saying, “When have I ever said that I want to marry Nora’s (ex) husband? If Rizal and his family got anything to say about me, the words should come from them, not Nora.”

Meow….the cat is already out of the bag….


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