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Monday, February 9, 2009


Here they go again ... Should our PDRM take "sikap sambil lewa" again ?? Or should the IGP himself be attacked by these "anak kurang ajar", then the PDRM take stern actions.

Mat Rempit by you.

The public has been suffering in silence, tons of reports made ... what happened ?? Or these "bastxxxs" has hidden support for these PUTRAS .. so PDRM cannot do anything ?

Mat Rempit by you.

Again some Malaysian are very forgetful .. so many incidents, so many heartaches & loss of loved ones ...

IGP & Ministry of Home Affairs ... why not invoke ISA against these hooligans ?? If they already dare to attack police, what more the normal public.

mat rempit diranjang by you.

Maybe 1 VIP Minister should be attacked by these hooligans, then nationwide crackdown starts ... as usual.

When ENOUGH is ENOUGH ?? When should we take ACTION ??

Mat Rempit by you.


  1. huhuhu
    ok jer...nape tade ruang msjbox...?

  2. Thanks for reminder.. dah letak blik sekian lama xpasang chatbox.. :)


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