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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Duplicated phone number woes

ROSY is frustrated at finding out that another company shares her telephone number and further, wants an explanation from Telekom Malaysia Bhd (TM) as to why her line was disconnected although the number was listed under her name.

She says that her home phone began to ring continuously from about five weeks ago, but the calls were for another company.

Upon checking with the callers, she learnt that another company apparently had the same phone number.

She then checked with TM and was informed the number was registered as it should be under her name, and therefore nothing could be done by the telecommunications firm.

Then, to her surprise, she received a call from TM the next day - to investigate the same complaint, but on behalf of the other company!

During the call, ROSY says, the TM staff confirmed that the phone number was only registered under her name.

Even worse, she found that her phone line had been disconnected after that call from TM.

"For the past few weeks, those who dialed my number were connected to the other company instead! How is it that the number is registered under my name but my line is cut?" ROSY asks.

Even more puzzling is the discovery that her phone number has been assigned to the other company.

"Even though the number is registered to me, I now cannot use my phone, but the other party continues to use my number," she says, adding that subsequent complaints lodged with TM had gone unheeded.

• A TELEKOM Malaysia Berhad spokesman says the matter of ROSY's telephone connection disruption has been investigated and has since been rectified.

TM confirms, upon thorough investigation, the situation faced by ROSY was due to some technical glitches at TM's end.

"The customer, ROSY, has confirmed that both services, telephone and Internet, are in good working condition now."


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