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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Graduate Student to Earn RM500 to RM800 during training course

This is in reply for today Utusan Paper which is for me was a good news to all graduate student who wish to attend a course and earning cash of RM500 to RM800.

Vice-minister in Human Resource Ministry, Datuk Noraini Ahmad said, the given sum of cash is according to status of the graduate itself. For example, Single/married graduate that has been terminated by their employers/no current jobs will earn a minimum of RM500 during their training course. An extra of RM100 to those individual whos married, and additional of RM50 is given to each children their have until the maximum amount of RM800 per person.

Well this is good enough to help jobless graduate out there. Till now the amount reached over 50,000graduate student all around the states. The amount this very big, plus nowadays slowdown in economy development alot have to face their fate losing their JOB!!...


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