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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

'Malaysia + Indonesia + Singapore = 1'

Salam.. Personally i really hate to story this part of topic. 

Ive just read out a posted from my pal devit1104 on his HOT issue 'Blogger Singapura Dan Malaysia Menghina Bangsa Indonesia'.

As a Malaysian community personally i want to tell Indonesian that im very sorry of what was written on this anti-Indonesian blogger. And as far as my relation with others Malaysian / Singaporean blogger There were some kind of big misunderstanding here. 
We should not take this as an advantage to blame someone else by writting ridiculous post!
Even in malaysia also have alot of problem such as - politics money.. corruption. Personally, I really not support this type of blogger. 

Tourism Malaysia                      STB

Plus, Im planning to visit Jakarta by this year by air asia direct flight from my homeland of Kuching. For now, i still explore what is the place to go within Jakarta district cause im not going with any travel agent.

p/s Maybe somebody want to get high traffic by posting the ridiculous post.



  1. somebody want to play fire i guess.. :-t

  2. great nice post dude, im from indonesia, Tidak hanya masalah antara Indonesia - Malaysia - Singapore, konflik antar suku pun masih menjadi masalah di sini, about rasism. Bahkan kami sesama orang Indonesia pun masih meributkan hal-hal sepele. Ada baiknya , permunsuhan diakhir i. we are the one ^^ peace


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