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Monday, February 23, 2009

Fight Crime : Name them, Shame them!

I refer to today's headline "Babysitter's son accused of sexually abusing toddler".

Enough is enough! How many more sexual crimes can we tolerate, especially those pertaining to children?

No matter who committed them - be it family members, friends, babysitters etc - I say, we should name them and shame them!

Even in jail, sexual criminals are looked down upon by other criminals. So, why is our society tolerating this?

I know there is a law to protect and suppress identities of sexual predators, especially if they are underaged.....but I say, it's time this law is removed so that the press and media can publish their names, their addresses and pictures.

The only way to stop these sexual predators is to name them and shame them - make the public aware of who they are so we can protect ourselves and our loved ones.

The rotan will not do - many sexual crimininals will re-offend regardless of how many strokes they get. Psychologically speaking, these are ppl who gets their high from sexually abusing others - they are essentially psychos.

So, PLEASE amend the law so that convicted sexual predators (including rapists) will have their names, addresses and pictures make public in the media and public accessed websites. Let the public deal with people like these.

Also, names and addresses of "dodgy" babysitters and childcare places that has a "history" should be published so that parents will know and make informed choices.

Please help us parents to protect our children and our loved ones!


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