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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Utusan Sarawak FAKE PICTURE bout Legend of NABAU..

I think all sarawakian know bout Nabau/Big Snake that was out on Utusan Sarawak Paper Last Week. As far as i know.. this is the true legend in Sarawak. But the picture on the Utusan Sarawak paper is totally FAKE!.. Their copy the pic from google. My finding was the picture already on the net since year of 2007. But for Utusan Sarawak the SAME picture their published it this year 2009 and told that the thing was found at Kapit/Sibu division. haha really funny.. You can view this video/pic for proof of my WORD!!!!

This picture Taken From UTUSAN SARAWAK

The truth Beyond The FAKE UTUSAN SARAWAK Picture

This Video UPLOADED ON 2007 - The picture same as on UTUSAN SARAWAK paper.. You can see it on period 0:09 to 0:15...
Owner This Video

For those from Utusan sarawak members maybe notice that this is the FAKE one. Please do not do this again, RM1 is not worth for me to buy your Paper with the STUPID FAKE NEWS!!!!!


  1. Really happy to entertain ppl.. Thanks for ure nice comment. visit again k. :)


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