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Monday, February 2, 2009

Do Not Sleep With Your Clothes

This is what i found on the latest health magazine that i just buy it from book shop.
Please Avoid yourself (esp.Girls) from using tight clothes during ur sleep time!!

This is refer from Tokyo researcher's regarding on their new fact that if u wearing tight clothes during your sleep time it may disturb ur organ to function well, & that may cause a long term diseased. To avoid this you need to use loose clothes or pyjamas or maybe u just naked.. :) well its up to u

Listed is Few benefits when u use loose clothes maybe could help u a bit..

  1. No blocking occured on your blood movement in your body.
  2. U can move freely; this will benefit for u to get well sleep.
  3. You also can get soft skin just like a baby does, by receiving oxygen continuously.
This is only a basic tips for you to get more healthy by natural activity..
So, try now..


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