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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Cheesy Valentines Geek T-Shirt!

8-bit_dynamic_life Cheesy Valentines Geek T-Shirt
With valentines period existence a some weeks past it’s instance to move mentioning a some gadgets fashioned for this day. The 8-Bit Dynamic Life Shirt has 6 whist on the face that reddened up when you are near to someone added act the aforementioned t-shirt.

The intent is supported around a recording mettlesome in which you hit a upbeat meter. Traditionally in recording games you hit a upbeat cadence which gradually goes downbound when you intend thumped, effort or perceive in the recording game. The whist on this t-shirt gradually go downbound as you go most the period and when you defence within a 5 cadence closeness of added t-shirt the upbeat cadence jumps up to reddened up every 6 hearts.

To attain ingest of this you module requirement to acquire a pair of shirts, digit for your consciousness and the another for the digit you love.

Very nice gadget.. :)

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  1. Nazlie.. does this shirt in our market? i mean in Kuching


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