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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Welcome Note

Assalamualaikum WBTH and Salam sejahtera.

This is my first post for my first blog on! First of all thanks alot to you for willing to drop for a while on my blog that just officially published today 17January09.

The main proposed for established this blog named is a based place for you guys out there to get in touch with what is the hot news that the most talk issue in Malaysia nowadays. By this blog you could share your thought or your knowledge information so that people could understand what was the exactly situation on any hot issue!

So, i think that's enough for me to tell you about the details of the blog. You should know what the topic mean for, am i right?

I hope you would love to read and would love to come again time on time to this blog. And lastly I am sorry if my english is BAD, please do not hesitate to alert me if something wrong with my writing. Thank you.

Mohamad Nazlie


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