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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bad days on the 1st day of CNY...26January09

What a BAD days on CNY!!
Let the picture story everything....

Pond jumper
Fishing Competition .. :)

Drive-by gusher
Free car wash service available Here.. :)

Safety last
This is BAD.. Who started the fire? Just A Few Meters from Petrol Stn! Stupid!

Bonnet blind
Bonnet Blind - How this thing could Happen?? Too much speed meh??..

The perils of shaded parking
U can pay to appoint contractor at least RM50 to cut down the tree rather than pay for repairing the mess made by the tree itself. hehehe

Enough for now.. did u got any great picture? Please leave me ur comment. I will follow up to ur link! Happy Chinese New Year!

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