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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Malaysian Martial Art Team To Be Send to Gaza

I am proud to be Malaysian!!.. Another breaking news again, our Martial Art team from Persatuan Seni Silat Cekak Ustaz Hanafi Malaysia (PSSCUHM), was plan to go to Gaza City, to contribute their ability to helping Palestinian.

Master PSSCUHM, Marui Latif told that his teamate is ready for flying to Gaza City if government willing to planned an arrangement for all of us to contribute our ability on this Mercy program. It would be great!

Zionis Rejim using updated technology weapon that supplied by US but our country only sent out Martial Art team! Wow! That would be great! This remember me on advertise showing JJ & Rudy on their short adv. called ;... Asked-A-Bomoh!!.. :)

Marui Latiff adding that they don't have any problem to helped Palestinian, If request to go, then we will!!.. We have a big member from all around Malaysia. Despite that, Marui also undertand that they will face high risk and tight procedure which is blocking their service to be serve to Gaza City.

PSSCUHM also started to donate sum of cash through Palestinian Relief Fund established by government since Zionis attacked on Gaza.

I just received update news that Israel already stop their attacking on Gaza last night -17January09- after 22days attacked on Palestine, Israel Army also told that they won't leave Gaza City until further notice. So, i hope this would be the last! Hopefully newly president-elect Barack Obama will helped us to bring Israel to Court!


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