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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Memey ready to Welcome Norman Hakim


To those who follow this hot topic, well this is the continue of it.. Memey told to reporter yesterday that she ready to be Norman Hakim wife!!!!

Memey shock Malaysia news yesterday relating to her statement - 'I'm not guilty! But if there were written on qada' and qadar between both of us, I think its show that both of us definitely match couple, Memey is ready to be Norman wife'.

Memey come out with public again After 2month keep her low profile relating to the black date 30october08 for both, Memey,Norman and Abby life. Memey and Norman Hakim arrested by Jabatan Agama Islam due to indulge in illicit love, both of them arrested at their office premis between 2:00am to 3:00am and both of them will be charged under Syariah law.

On the same time, Abby want Norman to divorce their marriage relationship. Abby is totally dissapointed on what was going on with Norman, and this is not for the first time. This the second time for Abby to face the same issue before! Pity to Abby and may Allah bless you always.

Memey also told that, its all happened in God will, and yet she told her relation between Norman just a professional relation, and not far from that. Everyone think me that I was hiding after 2Month of this issued.Nonsense, on the morning where were both of us been caught by Jabatan Agama Islam, I am going to Police station early in the morning while Norman went to Police station in the evening, and mostly reporter at the police station on evening so you will never found me right?, Memey is still here in Kuala Lumpur for a week after the black date with her mom.

I hope after this appearance Memey will not run against media, and waiting for a few months to come back to make a formal statement about herself, because a lot speculation will arise if Memey does it, and that's could affect Memey herself life.

Hmmm.. Hope newlywed mawi berkekalan jodooh nya.. amin...

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  1. Budak memey ni.. susah aku nak cakap, aritu tertgk muka dia buat bersih nama kat TB3.. hu.. terserah pada Allah jak, mana yang betul..


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