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Saturday, January 17, 2009

15 Toyota Camry for Selangor Leader Team

Wow! I really like this Toyota Camry design.. really sporty, someday i will have it! We'll see!! hehe.. Back to topic. Selangor Exco team confirmed on their decision to purchase 15 New Toyota Camry 2.4 as their official transporter. The Secretariat told that, the decision has been made due to charges on servicing process Proton Perdana too expensive for their budget.

So, I think this is one of PR plan to lower their spending, despite that, PR Selangor till still owed alot of promise to their people such us RM1000 per student to those who success to cont. to study IPTA. But we don't know when they gonna settle their promise during the last election March-08. I don't believe any politics news on TV (TV1,2,3,Bernama,Awani..etc.) totally unfair esp. to those politic parties, totally not real as what their report!!! I study this on my own, doing reference from alot source on the net!

Both party Bn or PR got their own agenda. Let their doing our country development as far as making Malaysia better and better without any single corruption!!!

P/s Sarawak government using BMW, Roll Royce, Mercedez, Prado as their official transporter.
Maybe sooner could be Hummer!!


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