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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Nasaruddin - Join PKR

PR leader sleep well tonight.. after one of UMNO leader joined PR, makes PR now have 32 assemblymen while BN having one fewer at 27.

The amount still not strong enough for Perak CM to smile. The main fact for Nasaruddin quitting UMNO and BN due to political developments and people’s support for the Opposition during the general election and the current situation in Umno.

So, i think that's the first thing for him to save her altitude and to shake or politic arena!! hehe.. but as i listened on his statement on TV3 a moment ago he told that he's leaving UMNO also get fully-support by his people of Bota, so , i guess this is totally bring UMNO to the massive PROBLEM lolol..

In reply of his quitting, our TPM -Vice Prime Minister - DS Najib made a special press conforence at his owned house, to explain that UMNO are going good, no problem, their keep updating on their routine activity to helped people. and bla bla bla....

Big decision: Nasarudin speaking to the press as Anwar listens
at PKR’s office in Petaling Jaya yesterday.

For me Malaysia politics is not very profesional! They only aimed the POWER and MONEY!! Keep busy treating people only during election period, after that vanished in the bush i guess.. hahaha.. No news at all!! esp. here at my area 2Times i am not ever thing to 'X' on BN column.. haha.. Its clear.. what they do, they will deserved it right??

But still, I don't really understand why this politics people are not profesional as US? We should learned from them! They served people well.. but Not like us!

We will see .. who will win the competition.. :)


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