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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Norman and Memey - Stand for Not Guilty -

This were just in.. The hot issue between senior actor, Norman Hakim And newbie actor, Memey Suhaiza, arrested by Jabatan Agama Islam due to indulge in illicit love, both of them arrested at their office premis between 2:00am to 3:00am(30oct08) and will be charged under Syariah law.

Norman Hakim & Memey Suhaiza

On their proceeding in Gombak Syariah Court, both of defendant stand to go for not guilty on what the statement briefed by the court.

Syarie Judge, Wan Mahyuddin Wan Muhammad confirmed on this 3March09 as the date for their next conversation.

Judge also approve to give both of them Norman and Memey to bail with an amount RM3,000.00 per person and only with one government staff guarantor for each of Norman or Memey.

No comment for me.. just waiting on the 3march09.. we'll see how it was going then.. :)



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