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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Michelle Obama's Frugal Fashion Sense

The Isabel Toledo dress is teamed with olive J.Crew gloves and a pair of Jimmy Choos (Photo: Reuters)

If you think you had problems picking out an outfit this morning for work, imagine what Michelle Obama must have gone through selecting what she should wear to her husband's inauguration.

She had to exude glamour without looking like she shelled lots of money for the outfit. In this bleak economic climate, you can't afford to look frivolous (unless of course if you are Mariah, J.Lo or Beyonce).

While there have been mixed reviews on what the First Lady wore for the inauguration in the morning, we have to applaud her for picking (relatively) unknown designers for the big day.

For the morning session, the First Lady picked a lemongrass sheath by little-known Cuban-American designer, Isabel Toledo. "I wanted to pick a very optimistic colour, that had sunshine. I wanted her to feel charmed, and in that way would charm everybody else,” the designer told The New York Times.

And for the parties at night, Michelle chose (and the critics approved) a one shouldered Grecian-inspired ballgown with a ruched bodice designed by Taiwan-born, Jason Wu.

Jason Wu's dress is studded with Swarovski crystals. For accessories, Michelle Obama wears drop-earrings, an oversize cocktail ring and a diamond bracelet. (Photo: Reuters)

The 26-year-old New York-based designer explained. "There’s no muss, no fuss. It worked because she’s not ornate. She’s fresh. But beyond that, I think she’s made an even bigger statement by wearing brands that are more budget-conscious."

Sure, it would have been easier to pick outfits from established designers like Vera Wang, Chanel or Oscar de la Renta, but this First Lady prefers taking chances and looks like it is paying off.


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