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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Prince Harry Got Dumped By Girlfriend!!...:)

Prince Harry Got Dumped By Girlfriend

Chelsy Davy: Bye Bye Bye, Prince Harry.

So Prince Harry and his on-off-on girlfriend of five years, Chelsy Davy are off again. But what the British royal family didn't tell us is that it was SHE who ditched his royal highness. ("The pair parted amicably", claimed a royal source)

Yup, Chelsy got so tired of Harry's party animal lifestyle and lack of commitment in their relationship that she wanted out.

And she did it via FaceBook! "Prince Harry has always chosen his mates and rugby over Chelsy," says a close friend of the South African heiress. "Chelsy tolerated it until her prince charming started flirting with other girls behind her back."

Good for ya, Chelsy. But I bet our party prince will move on to his next target in no time.

............. :) ......................tq noorsila for the great information.. :)


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