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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Mawi & Ekin Wedding Cost Over Rm 5million!!

Well, everyone know how Grand was Mawi World wedding ceremony. For Astro live show only take a shot of RM 5million? What the hack??

I am here not to expressed how jealous am i with this hot issued. I just very very upset! just for money people dare to spent huge money rather than helping people who still a few of them need money to change their life. Plus, one of our Muslim mate at Palestine been attacked by Zionis team!

Mawi and Ekin a match couple, Mawi deserved all of this, but RM5million is too much and totally not reasonable for development country. Last month, Mawi himself told that he will not encourage to deal with this big sponsored of his wedding, but to those who watching their marrieage ceremony last week will only know how grand it was. Mawi cannot be blame on this matter, caused all of it totally sponsored.

I am afraid someday could be the black days just like the marriage between Yusry and Erra. hmmm.. I hope this will not happen at all!

To those who want to planned married as grand as Mawi, Siti, Erra please think deeply.
Better invest your money to any relief fund that really need people help!
When death come to us, then its only between ourself, Allah The Al-Mighty and all of your Amal ibadah..Think Of It.


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