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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Kugan... Killed while under Police detainee

I think those Malaysian know what was happen a few days ago at Brickfield Police in KL. Kugan, an Indian local Malaysian, was believed by their family this is the first case against him that get caught by Police on 15th Jan 2009.

The 22-year-old Kugan died in police custody on Tuesday while being questioned in relation to several luxury car thefts. I think some police should take some rest in doing their jobs, of course in doing investigation we need more patience, more relaxing, creative, and high I-Q in doing this despite the fact that police officer need to use their power to force their detainee to tell the truth.

But, for me we could not totally put our fingers to the police itself. No one wants trouble! even the massive case like Atlantuya till now no solution regarding this case.

So, let the judge do the thing, and regarding Kugan’s family members on their action going into the Serdang Hospital mortuary to view the body as it could be considered tampering with evidence, no comment 'bout this.

In addition, the good news is the attorney-general TS. Abdul Gani Patail has asked the police to classify the death of suspected car thief A. Kugan as murder for investigation purposes, and TS. Musa Hasan also guaranteed full investigation will be carried out into the death.

But the fact is, Indian are really angry with this issue. Thanks to A-G at least Kugan's parents get a better news.

What I am try to share here is we do have limit of time, by rushing time to finished all the things clear as early as possible we cannot use any illegal action, if found you should know the consequences. Just like this case, I really not happy with what was happen with Kugan's, if its true he killed by police well I think we cannot depend to police anymore, we need more safety other than this!!! But if its wrong, only God knows Why.. we dont know Kugan's guilty or not.. he's only suspected by Police.

Well.. let the judge do the thing...


  1. Well, lets hope all this nonsense comes to an end, real soon. I wud hate to be in police custody know what ill fate lies awaiting me.. ;-(


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