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Monday, January 26, 2009

The best thing When CNY coming in Kuching!

Since yesterday 25january09, to those who live in Kuching city area, who does not celebrating CNY will not be able seat tight on their couch or even relax very well!! Kabaam Kaboom!!! never end til 1am especially last night !! I am really happy to see such a beautiful fireworks.

Flyover KIA
Kuching Airport Flyover

Weather become to low visibility...
Low visibility.. :)

Countdown CNY Airport Flyover

That's y i very much love during CNY in Kuching, I do love to play Fireworks... Lololol!!!! the best things is during the flight when ur flight to approached Kuching Airport on this CNY between 8pm-1am, you will see such a beautiful fire works.. Really nice to see!!

Flyover KIA1
Full Car park!! :)

I'm Malay and i do really enjoy to see Chinese members especially when come to played the fireworks.. Just sound like u were in the middle of Warzone!!! haha.. At 1Pm Kuching city will dissappeared for a moment due weather changed from clear to very lowww visibility that caused by Fireworks.. :)

Pieces of Fireworks...:)
Piece of Fireworks....

Here some picture that my brother take its last night.. Sorry the picture is low quality.. Cheap camera.. huhuhuhuhu

Happy Chinese New Year!!

Flyover KIA
Kuching Airport Flyover


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