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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Miss-Attacked lead to death body!!

Hi All, Gud day.. On last saturday maybe some of u from Kuching, noticed bout this horrible murder case. The death body was found opposite shopping complex 'The Spring' Kuching,

Identified victim as Zulkarnain Mohd Fauzi 23 of Kpg. Gersik, Kuching was found sprawled by motorists as early 8:00am infront of the RHB Bank.

Found Death Opposit The SPring
On Borneo Post Paper - 25January2009

The fight was around 4:30am between 2group.

As report my niece(The victim neighbor) told that their group of friends were attacked by the unknown group of geng '[PARANG]'-(Just named it like this coz the all got PARANG in hand.. :)..) while having drink with his friends at the nearest 24hrs restaurant.

The victim failed to escaped from the attacked which bring his death on the grass opposite The Spring Mall, Kuching. His body was found by the motorist who think that he was drunk over last night and sleep there.. hmm..

So, the moral of the story, please be careful, make yourself more safer. OK. Prepared yourself like get a training course for taekwondo, or any type of martial art.. ok.. :)

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  1. youngsters nowadays...

    no comment,sorry.. so pathetic to hear such sad news.


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