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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Norman Hakim & Memey Might Face Ban By RTM...:)

Seems like more trouble is coming Memey and Norman Hakim's way...

The controversial Malaysian actors, who were busted for alleged khalwat (close proximity) last October, might be banned from Malaysian TV if found guilty by the Syariah court.

"Memey and I are just getting to know each other better,"
says Norman Hakim outside the Syariah court

"We do not condone such indecent behaviour among local actors," says a source inside Radio Television Malaysia (RTM). In another development, Memey, 20 and Norman, 32, pleaded not guilty to the khalwat charges at the Syariah Lower Court in Gombak Timur. Both were released on RM3,000 bail and a surety each. The court has set 3 March for the case to be mentioned again.

2009 i guess the black years for both of u..


  1. muka bukan men action... huh... yelah tu xpernah buat konon.. huh.. Ni dh bukti sikit pintu rezeki tertutup.. padan muka.. taubat la bro...


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