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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Frustrated by loan release delay

LEONG of Kuala Lumpur feels that Citibank Bhd staff have repeatedly broken their promises to him on his application for a personal loan.

He says that on Jan 2, he contacted the bank to apply for a personal loan.

He was promised by the staff who attended to him that he would receive the money within five to seven working days.

However, six working days later and there was no money.

LEONG called Citibank — only to find out the EON Bank Bhd account number he had provided
was wrong.

“I was really upset at hearing that and wanted to cancel my loan application on the spot. But the staff promised the cheque would be released in another two days and by Jan 12, I should be able to
get my loan amount,” an upset LEONG claims.

But it was not to be as on the date stipulated, LEONG says there was still no money deposited into
his EON Bank account.

Again, he says, he called the Citibank staff to cancel his application.

“On Jan 13, I called Citibank and asked to speak to a manager as I wanted to check on the status of my loan cancellation.

“The manager, upon hearing of my experience, apologised to me and promised to solve my case as soon as possible,” LEONG says.

He further claims to have received a call from the manager the next day with news the cheque would be cleared by Jan 17.

But, on Jan 17, he received a call from the manager, who informed him that the whereabouts of the cheque was unknown. It was only after the cheque had been returned, LEONG claims, was the bank willing to cancel his loan application.

Annoyed by this explanation despite it being no fault of his, LEONG wants Citibank to simply cancel the loan.

“I am completely dissatisfied with the service Citibank has provided.”

CITIBANK says that the matter has been looked into.
In a statement to Malay Mail Hotline, Citibank corporate affairs head Jaya Menon says: “The case has been resolved.”
She says the customer has been informed accordingly.
When contacted , LEONG confirmed he was able to finally get his loan processed.
He says the manager mentioned in his complaint had been keeping him updated and was able to process his personal loan.


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