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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Be like the cops in Western movies and we’ll salute you

I REFER to the report “Cops to install CCTVS” (The Star, March 5) and agree that CCTVs should be set up in interrogation rooms in police stations.

The move is indeed laudable to prevent any future doubts or furores from the public should anything “unexplainable” happen in the room.

It would also enable the men in blue to act more cautiously and adhere to the code of conduct and justification pertaining to how an inmate or suspect should be treated.

Coincidentally, there was also a news report on Feb 28, about a Washington sheriff caught in the act of using excessive force in a video clip. It clearly shows the attack on a 15-year-old auto theft suspect.

Although the suspect seemed to have provoked the sheriff’s anger by kicking one of her shoes towards the deputy, law enforcers should exercise better self-control.

I might be influenced by the over-rated hi-tech gadgets seen in the CSI series, but I think it is high time for our own men in blue to be on par with their Western counterparts.


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