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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Damning questions that won't be answered

I am sick and tired of the current situation in the country brought about by gutter politicians, a gutter judiciary and gutter civil servants (including the police).

Please answer these questions from this taxpayer, a registered voter, a daughter of the soil and an ordinary rakyat who suffers from the economic recession while you irresponsible people happily carry on with your despicable politics.

When are you so-called leaders getting down to the serious business of governance and addressing the economic depression that our country and the rakyat are burdened with?

To Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi:

* Are you still sleeping?
* What happened to all your promises for reforms? Since 2004, the rule of the jungle has practically taken over Malaysia with the executive dictating to the judiciary while the latter overrules the legislature. The doctrine of the separation of powers has been abandoned. The MACC is nothing but a new name.
* Are you happy leaving your premiership this way?

To Deputy Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak:

* Can you think as a Malaysian? Beyond race and creed?
* Convince me why I should accept you as PM when as finance minister you have failed to come up with any effective action to cushion the recession. I and the rest of the ordinary rakyat are digging deeper into our pockets for our daily survival.
* Are you power-crazy as the opposition says? Are you happy with the situation in Perak which you were instrumental in creating?
* Are you man enough to take the stand in a court of law to deny your involvement in the Altantuya murder and dispel once and for all, all allegations made against you concerning her death? Look into her father's eyes when you answer.

To the Sultan of Perak:

* What can you do to help the Silver State which has been turned into one big political circus?

To Chief Justice Zaki Tun Azmi:

* Are you worthy of the title/post?
* Do you understand the doctrine of the separation of powers among the executive, the judiciary and the legislature?
* Do you fear God? The Almighty is watching your every move as CJ.

To Attorney-General Gani Patail:

* Where did you read law?
* How did you get to be where you are now?

To IGP Musa Hassan:

* Are you a police officer or a politician?
* Are the police the government's tool and a component party of BN? So the police have power over the legislature too?
* Why are you and the police not mesra rakyat?
* Please explain all the mystery deaths of suspects in lock-ups.

To the Election Commission:

* The voters in Malaysia are suspicious of you for reasons you know very well yourself.

To the Ipoh Judicial Commissioner Ridwan Ibrahim:

* Where did you read law?
* You mean, you, as a judicial commissioner, can override the legislature?
* Why are you afraid to hear the Perak speaker's case in open court or allow him counsel of his choice?
* Who are you trying to please?

To the MACC, the former Anti-Corruption Agency:

* Are your investigations based on the scales of BN's dacing? Pardon me, but you have not given us, the rakyat, any indication of your so-called ICAC-like independence.

To Pakatan Rakyat’s de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim (pretender to the throne):

* Stop dreaming. Wait for the 13th general election.
* You are also a party to the political chaos in the country, no?
* How does it feel to lose Perak to BN? That's exactly how Sabahans felt when you as deputy president of Umno engineered BN's coup d'etat in Sabah in 1994.

Let it be a lesson learnt and for you to become a more responsible leader in the future.

Finally, a bonus question to the Perak assembly secretary and the state secretary:

* Who are you to overrule the speaker and to close the house building?

All of you, if you have ears, listen to the voice of the rakyat who want nothing but good governance, peace and stability.


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