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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Overwhelming Support On PPSMI From The Public

There has been overwhelming support from the public on the teaching and learning of Mathematics and Science in English.

According to the majority of Malay parents who posted their comments on the Rocky's Bru blog today, this system had actually been adopted decades ago.

They urged the government not to give in to the wishes of the minority who rejected the present system.

"The government as an authority must play its role in ensuring Malaysia has a generation of citizens who are proud of the country because they are capable and have self-confidence.

"In mastering English, the young generation would have a wide opportunity in their careers in future," they said in the blog.

Without a sound command of the English language, the Malaysian graduates would be left further behind.

"Is this what these so-called "Pejuang Bahasa dan Bangsa" want for our future generation? Who are the true Malay patriots here?," they questioned.

They were commenting on yesterday's demonstration when hundreds of demonstrators, including National Laureate Datuk A.Samad Said marched from the National Mosque toward Istana Negara.

It was to submit a memorandum to protest and urge the government to abolish the teaching of mathematics and science in English.

According to the parents, they wanted the government to be firm and not let the people suffer in jeopardising the future on Malaysia's young generation and not be shaken by political pressure.

The Rocky's Bru blog said the children were the ones who were going to be badly affected if the Government agreed to the demands of the protesters and created another flip-flop here.

Meanwhile Datuk Seri Wong Chun Wai, Group Chief Editor of The Star, said the reality was that the standard of English among Malaysian students had dropped drastically.

"They cannot cope with the language in universities. Many fail to get past interviews because of their poor command of the language.

"This is not about politics but it is about the future of our children, haven't we done enough damage to our kids in schools?," he said in the blog, Rocky's Bru.


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