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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Mat Rempit Strikes Again!

Just the other day, 2 guys were attacked by 50 Mat Rempits. Now, a lady waiting at a bus stop was robbed by the same menace to society. What's next?

When will the Home Ministry solve this menace and disgrace? This problem has been terrorising us for God knows how long. They are nothing but robbers on motorcycles or should I label them with harsher words... terrorists on our roads!

One of my unfortunate friends was attacked by Mat Rempits 2 years back. The incident left him with a bloodied face and damages to his car of almost RM15,000.

If the police cannot handle these Rempits, perhaps the Ministry of Defence should step in? Send in the armoured cars, helicopters, army or what have you and STOP these terrorists.


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