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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

How to minimize Ur Blog Main Page Space

Normally, when u posted ur latest posting it will show up at ur main blog page. But if your posting is too long, it could make your main page full and of course this might result your blog will slow during loading.

Here are the simple trick that will help u to show a few words of your post and in the end of it your readers need to click to 'read more' link if they want more details about ur posting.

Just follow this few step;

1. Login to your blogger account then go to -->>> "Layout -->> Edit HTML
2. Checked the box.
3. After that type Ctrl + F - On the Find box search for this HTML code <data:post.body/>.
4. Change the code to this new code -

Right click and copy to change <data:post.body/> code with this code


5. If you read the code you will find 'Read More......' word. U can change this word with ur own taste ... for instant in BM - 'Klik disini untuk butiran lanjut.....'

6. Save your template.

7. Then u need to go to your blog Setting tab, and click on Formatting.

8. Copy and paste this code at your Post Template, Then Straight away you save it.

Right click and copy the code


9. When you start posting/ writing, there were two tab, one is stand for 'Edit HTML' and the other one is 'Compose'. When you click on 'Edit HTML' tab shall see this code;


10. To enjoy this great tips.. all you have to do next is, you need to write your post first and in the end of it, go to Edit Html paste this code <span class="fullpost"> until which word u want to show it own your main page, then in the end of ur post please do not forget to put this code too... </span>

Good luck guys!.. Have a nice day!


  1. lor.. ingat kan buat cara manual... hehehe.. thanks..

  2. Will give more tips after this.. just keep watching here ok.. have a nice day!:)

  3. nice tips! hmm... just thinking want to do it or not


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