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Saturday, March 14, 2009

SuperHeadz Plamodel DIY 35mm Camera

DIY projects crapper be modify depending on what you are building. A consort hit today created a DIY camera outfit which belike ranks amongst the coolest of DIY projects.

The camera is titled the SuperHeadz Plamodel and is a DIY camera that you requirement to build. The camera is not digital, but uses 35mm film. The send takes a pair of hours to physique from irritate and every you requirement to do is behave the bits and pieces together. The camera has a 28mm lense to earmark for wideish seek photos to be captured. The DIY outfit costs meet $28.

SuperHeadz Plamodel DIY 35mm Camera Features

* Includes: Assembly outfit in radical bag, carpus band and propellor driver
* No batteries necessary
* Finished camera: 4.25″w, 1″d, 2.5″h
* Vinyl, plastic
* Web inner

Product Page Via: UberReview


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