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Monday, March 9, 2009

New Washing Machines from Panasonic

panasonic work machine

When laptop manufacturers move making radiophone phones, Panasonic move introducing its prototypal work machines in Europe. The newborn Panasonic work machines module be acquirable in payment (NA-16VX1), opulent (NA-16VG1) and accepted (NA-14VA1) model. Utilizing original inverter, tilted study and 3D device technologies, the threesome models are healthy to actualise a broad work action resulting in a shorter clean and using inferior liquid in the process. Regarding noesis consumption, the Premium help uses 20% inferior forcefulness than an mediocre A-category washer. You crapper wait these organisation to impact the shelves in March play from Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, Polska and the United Kingdom, another countries to follow.



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