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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Airline to pay for loss of belongings

The Consumer Claims Tribunal here, Friday, ordered an airline company to pay damages totalling RM1,668 to a passenger who claimed for the loss of his belongings while travelling with the airline last year.

Tribunal President, Rahazlan Affandi Abdul Rahim, ordered Malaysia Airlines System Berhad, which did not send any representative to the hearing, 14 days to pay Azman A.R. Jasnin.

The claimant said he was not satisfied with the RM76 the airline offered as compensation, adding that it was far from the amount that he had lost.

His missing belongings include a digital camera worth RM1,488 and a branded perfume worth RM180, adding that these items were stored in the airline's cargo hold.

Meanwhile, a workshop was ordered to return a pick-up truck without cost to the owner, who was unhappy with the slow progress of repair works done to his vehicle.

The claimant, Guvalakrisnan Allimuthu, said he sent his pick-up truck to G-Motors, which did not send any representatives to the hearing, for repairs, adding that he had brought the necessary parts for the repairs in June last year.

He said when he went to check the progress of the work on his vehicle in August and October, he found it to be unsatisfactory and as such he requested the return of his vehicle.

However, the workshop refused to hand over the said vehicle and instead demanded RM3,500 from him for "repair charges" which the claimant refused, adding that since then the vehicle has remained in the workshop.


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