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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Payment made but still no Astro service

ASH wants Astro to explain why it was unable to reconnect his service within a few hours of him paying his bill via the ATM, instead of making him wait a few days, which he claims is inconvenient.

ASH explains to Malay Mail Hotline that he paid his Astro bill last week and contacted the customer service the same day to have his service reconnected, but was instead told he would have to wait a few days.

He feels this is unfair because, he claims, if he was to pay via Maybank Bhd, the system can be activated within a few hours.

ASH asks: “Why is it not the same for ATM payment? If there is this delay, why allow ATM
payments in the first place?”

AN Astro spokesman thanks ASH for his feedback but wants to offer Astro’s clarification based on investigations carried out into the matter.
The spokesman says: “We regret to inform that Astro services will be automatically disconnected by our billing system if there is nonpayment after 45 days from the bill statement date.” ASH’s account showed outstanding payments for two months in November and December and their records showed ASH had called in for reconnection immediately after payment was made.
However, the spokesman informs the request to reconnect services can only be carried out once payment is reflected in the Astro system.
“We would like to inform ASH that payments made through ATMs will only be reflected in our system after two working days and until then the service cannot be reconnected,” the spokesman adds.
Astro thanks ASH for his payment and informs that his account has been reconnected.


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