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Saturday, March 7, 2009

A sad homecoming

INITIALLY unable to accompany his wife Low Mee Sim, 40, for the trip to Taiwan due to expensive tickets, Mike Boo, 41, a businessman, had not expected that he would be visiting Taiwan so soon. The trip was to retrieve the body of his wife.

Returning from Taiwan yesterday, Boo along with his brothers-in-law, walked through the gates of the airport with his wife’s ashes in a hand-carried blue bag at around 2.45pm.

“I was mentally prepared when brought in to identify the body. There wasn’t much injuries on her although the doctors had informed me she suffocated during the ordeal.”

The hotel manager of White Snow Hotel, where seven people lost their lives when it burned down, including Boo’s wife, had also brought Boo to lunch, informing him if there was anything the family needed, he was welcome to get in touch with the manager.

On why he was so calm and collected, Boo said it was a facade put up for outsiders.

“I only allow myself to be emotional in front of my family. I am also aware that it is impossible for me to turn back time. The tragedy has occurred, the only thing left for all of us to do is to let it be and move forward.”

Boo added that his children are also doing well. They understand that their mother would not be coming home. He’s relieved that they have reacted positively to the situation although he still needs to sit down with all three of his children, two sons and one daughter, aged 12, 10 and 7, to further explain the situation.

Currently, the family is busy making funeral arrangements. The funeral procession will be held this Saturday.

Low was scheduled to return to Malaysia from a holiday in Taiwan today (March 6) with two of her friends, Chin Seok Liang, 26, from Penang and Lee Loo Yee, 37, from Puchong. In a twist of events, this happy holiday had ended in tragedy when fire broke out at their hotel.

All three women perished along with four other locals.


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