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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Kugan’s mother lodges police report against Serdang Hospital doctor

The significant differences between the first and second post-mortem reports on A. Kugan have his mother crying foul.

A police report was lodged today by Kugan’s mother N. Indra, 40, at the Petaling Jaya police district headquarters.

“Both post-mortem reports have been read and explained to me by my lawyers and there are serious differences,” she said in her police report.

The 22-year-old suspected car thief died on Feb 20 after five days in police custody and a second post-mortem was conducted after his family disputed the initial findings by a doctor at the Serdang Hospital. In the first report, it was found that he died because of water in his lungs.

The findings of the second post-mortem conducted at the University of Malaya Medical Centre revealed that Kugan had been badly beaten and died due to kidney failure.

Among the other discrepancies are V-shaped marks which were described as abrasions in the Serdang Hospital report but burn wounds with a heated object in the UMMC report.

The first report also indicated 22 external injuries on his body while the second found 40 such injuries.

The second post-mortem also found congested blood vessels in Kugan’s brain, haemorrhage in his neck muscles, heart and spleen, and contradicts the Serdang Hospital report which said these organs were normal.

More glaring, the Serdang Hospital report says other organs in Kugan’s body were examined and were normal but the UMMC findings showed that the organs were intact and not even removed for dissection, before the second post-mortem was conducted.

“I want an investigation on whether there was an attempt to cover up the truth of what really happened to my son by the doctor at the Serdang Hospital and the police.”

Indra also stated in her report that she is shocked Serdang Hospital director Dr Mohd Norzi, in a report in the New Straits Times yesterday, suggested that Kugan’s family members tampered with his body.

“This is a lie and I want action to be taken against the doctor and the Serdang Hospital.”

Indra was accompanied to the police headquarters by lawyer N. Surendren, Kapar MP S. Manikavasagam and Teluk Intan MP M. Manogaran.

Surendren rubbished allegations by the hospital director that a mob tampered with the body.

He said injuries to the body before and after death can be easily determined by a pathologist and both post-mortems did not detect any “tampering”. “It’s ridiculous claim.”

He also lashed out at the hospital director for saying (in the same article) that both post-mortem reports are considered "weak evidence".

Surendren said the hospital director had no business giving his personal opinion when the matter is now with Attorney-General.

Manikavasagam also hit out at Home Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar who claimed that politicians were trying to get mileage from the case and for criticising PKR for using its party headquarters to hold a press conference on the issue.

“These are poor folks. If we don’t highlight the issue, will he? Or will he try and cover it up?”

Manikavasagam said PKR had offered them the use of the party headquarters because Kugan’s parents could not afford to rent a hotel.

“If Umno offers us a room at the party headquarters or if the Home Minister lets us use his office, we will gladly take up the offer.”

Manikavasagam said they would soon be lodging a report with the Malaysian Medical Council against the doctor who carried out the first post-mortem report for alleged professional misconduct.


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