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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Leaping Ambitions

“I don't want to sleep on the floor anymore. I want a proper bed and live where the air does not smell of poo. I have seen what it is like in America.

Here, there is garbage everywhere, people get angry, swear and shout. I have realised how bad life is here. I just want to get out,” said child actor Rubina Ali of Slumdog Millionaire fame who clearly knows little of the real America. The post-Oscar adjustment to life as they had always known it is appearing too much for her and her pint sized coactor Azharuddin Ismail.

Last week, he was photographed being smacked by his father (previously seen as an Asian form of affection) and has since taken ill with a temperature of 103 degrees.

Rubina, for her part, has taken a vow never to take off the dress she wore to the Oscars.

Preposterous pinafores, the girl’s got ambition.


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