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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Jin Online hatches in Malaysia!

Jin Online hatches in Malaysia!

I was blown away the moment I registered for Jin Online. The heavy metal gate opening the door to welcome you into their official website was the coolest I’ve seen. Jin Online, brought to you by IG-Interactive is the localised version of the game Eudemons Online, and is fully scripted in Bahasa Malaysia.

The word ‘Jin’ means a good or benevolent spirit. Jin Online offers gamers the chance to raise a Jin with its pet system. You can have up to three Jins at once to be your faithful guardians who will follow you wherever you go.

Mobs that are killed will sometimes drop eggs for you to aquire a Jin. Once hatched, you must train them yourself in order to experience the different types of Jin forms.

Different Jins will play different roles for you. The shield Jin has high vitality and can absorb a lot of damage. The attacker Jin excels in dishing the highest amount of damage, while the versatile fighter Jin balances between both attack and defense.

What I liked most about this game is that you can combine two Jins together to become something even stronger. I enjoyed playing Dr Frankenstein by tinkering around with the various combinations to produce a Jin with quality and high potential but with minimal weaknesses.

The whole process of training and combining pets is something relatively new in online games and Jin Online delivers just that!

My debut in Jin Online was a pleasant one thanks to the Mentor System that helps newbies like me fully immerse into the Jin Online world.

With the Mentor System, high level players can now offer apprenticeship for beginners to learn the tips and tricks of the game mechanics offered inside. I even met some really friendly people along the way whilst learning to play Jin Online.

Although I am not a fan of grinding in MMORPG, I actually enjoyed the hacking and slashing in Jin Online because it doesn’t feel all that much of a grind fest when my Jins engage in action without me having to lay a finger on the enemies.

Jin Online also offers an offline training where I no longer have to be in front of the computer to fully level up my character.

There are just too many things to say about Jin Online. My advice to you is to just play it for yourself. I go by the name of Aigis, so feel free to add me, young apprentice on the go. Welcome aboard!

Visit to download and play Jin Online for free


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