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Friday, March 6, 2009

Twin Otter veers off Bario runway

A MASwings Twin Otter aircraft veered off the runway after landing at the Bario airstrip at about 1.00 pm last Tuesday.
Fortunately, all 16 passengers on board MH3434, as well as the pilot and co-pilot, were safe.
The two pilots managed to bring the aircraft, which had taken off from here, to a safe stop on the grass verge.
MASwings Managing Director, Mohd Salleh Ahmad Tabrani, said in a press statement yesterday that the airlines’ engineers were rushed to Bario at 4.45 pm last Tuesday but they found no damage to the aircraft.
He added that the aircraft was given the clearance by the engineers to take off for Miri at about 6.20 pm the same day.
However, the incident forced the airline to cancel four flights involving Miri, Lawas and Marudi. The affected passengers were flown to their respective destinations yesterday.

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  1. thats y im preferred not to fly with twin otter anymore... huhuhuhu.. b4 im witness for one type of twin otter ac look-alike(dont know what type of it) but its only carried cargo items.. pushed by strong wind in kuching.. rosak truk kapal tuh.. nasib pilot xmati. huh


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