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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mat Rempit Menace - Malaysia's Disgrace

Once again, gang attack by 20 - 50 Mat Rempits on 2 victims in KL. What's the police or government doing to combat this menace and disgrace of society.

It is also known fact that these rempits are also culprits of snatch thefts.

Can the government do something before things gets from bad to worse (and civilians fear going out at night) ?

Can we have a law to prohibit motorcyclists from converging after 12 midnight? Also, no pillion rider allowed within city limits/ roads?

They say why penalise all motorcyclists for misdeeds of a few black sheeps, but don't you think there's too many black sheeps already?

Even in broad daylight, the sheer sound of a motorbike coming from behind you makes you worry.

We need to act before these scums of society claim ownership of the country every time the clock strikes 12 midnight.


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