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Monday, March 2, 2009

Mat Rempit madness again

Just months after a gang of Mat Rempit cornered a 31-year-old marketing executive along Jalan
Pahang and beat him up – leaving him bleeding from the head and with multiple injuries – another
motorist and his friend were savagely attacked by a group of thugs on two wheels last Tuesday.

On Nov 11 last year, Malay Mail carried the story of Ray, a marketing executive who had been assaulted by Mat Rempit on Jalan Pahang on Nov 6. Tuesday saw Sunildeep Singh, 24, and Parminder Singh, 20, attacked by some 20 Mat Rempit, on the same stretch.

“I’ve read about Mat Rempit and how they are a menace on our roads, but I never thought that my
son would one day be a victim of their brutality,” said Sunildeep’s mother, Baivinder Kaur, 54.

Parminder was driving Sunildeep home when a motorcyclist drew alongside the car. The two men on the motorcycle signalled them to pull over. Parminder pulled over in front of the National Art Gallery.

When he rolled down the window, the bikers accused him of hitting them with the car. They demanded money as compensation.

The two friends got out to check for damage and to settle the problem, and that’s when the mob of
bikers suddenly appeared and pounced on them.

Sunildeep’s brother, Anildeep, 28, told Malay Mail that the group took his brother's gold chain, wallet and cell phone. When the Mat Rempit tried to grab the car keys, Sunildeep threw them into the bushes nearby. That enraged the Mat Rempit even more. “I manged to get away but Sunildeep was surrounded.

They beat him mercilessly,” said Parminder, who escaped serious injury. He lodged a report immediately at the Setapak police station.

The group had allegedly used helmets, iron rods and knuckledusters.

Sunildeep suffered a broken jaw, a blood clot in his head, massive swelling on his left eye and
lips, and a badly bruised body.

He has been undergoing treatment at Tawakal Hospital, where doctors are planning to operate on
his jaw today.


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