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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Low fares offer from MAS

Malaysia Airlines / aaeh
Malaysia Airlines is again offering low fares, with all inclusive one-way fares starting from RM69 for domestic travel.

The deal will also see regional fares starting at RM170 and flights to international destinations starting from RM790.

In a statement, MAS said from yesterday until March 11, customers would get to travel within peninsular Malaysia or within Sabah and Sarawak from RM69.

Flights between the peninsula and Sabah and Sarawak will cost RM99.

For regional travel, fares are from RM170 to Jakarta, RM210 to Bangkok and RM370 to Hong Kong, while fares to Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide will start at RM790.

International flights to London are priced at RM1,400, while flying to Paris, Amsterdam and Frankfurt will only cost RM25 more.

MAS’s network revenue and management senior general manager Dr Amin Khan said there was total fare transparency with no hidden charges.

“Now customers have the peace of mind of knowing that what they see is what they pay,” he said in the statement.


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